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I have take a very straight forward and basic approach to marriage counseling. I focus on the strengths of a marriage instead of the weaknesses. As we work together, we will focus on improving productive communication. What about your relationship do you love? What makes you crazy? What makes you sad? I will help you learn to open up to your spouse with confidence and listen without anxiety.

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I always feel privileged whenever I am invited into a marriage to assist in rebuilding, repairing and strengthening it. I believe in never giving up on commitments and honoring them to the fullest. This goes for your relationship and my relationship with you. I promise to bring that same level of commitment and persistence as we work together to get your marriage back to where it once was. I love solving complex problems, no matter how challenging.

Marriage isn’t always easy, which I know first hand having been married for 26 years. But when both sides can let go and explore what’s working and not working in the relationship, I can help couples find a solid path for moving forward and grow closer than ever before.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling Oceanside, Ca

Out of all the various responsibilities I have as a therapist in Oceanside, substance addiction counseling, alcohol counseling or codependency counseling are several of the most significant. When the anguish of a substance or process addiction weighs on a family’s heart, it is all too common to see broken relationships, the potential for divorce, and increasing depression. Other challenges can include problems with work or school, legal issues, varying degrees of psychological difficulties and a myriad of health problems.

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Unfortunately, addictions can just as easily show up in our teenagers as in our spouse or our grandfather. This equal opportunity disorder happily works with all races, genders, professions, all socio-economic classes, geographic locations and religions. Whether alcohol counseling or drug addiction counseling, my job is to help you deal with it.

Trusted Psychotherapy In Carlsbad

When faced with challenges in life, it is always important to choose our close friends, family, spiritual guides and others for help. If you find yourself in a circumstance where you do not feel comfortable speaking with your wife, family or loved ones, or have done so with no change, seeking the assistance of an expert could be the best decision.

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Individual psychotherapy & counseling may provide you the chance to create brand-new actions, gain understanding of the best ways to develop healthy and balanced boundaries, enhance partnerships, connect better and begin the process of living life to the fullest. As a psychotherapist working in Carlsbad, it’s my goal to help people improve their emotional well-being and help them discover the tools they need to live a fulfilling life with strong interpersonal relationships. If you’re struggling with any of life’s challenges, large or small, or if you’d just like to talk with someone, I’d be be excited to start a discussion with you.

Addiction Intervention Services

Interventions are a powerful, non-confrontational strategy that aids entire families who are battling with addiction, alcoholism, and/or codependency. Interventions are coordinated by a licensed therapist who can assure the privacy of the patient and the absolute highest level of care. This unique approach allows the whole family to experience the process together, restoring optimism and rebuilding their lives together. Learn how a properly designed intervention is an incredibly respectful and caring process that truly strengthens families.

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Collaborative Family Intervention incorporates key components of all modern intervention approaches with the most current evidence-based clinical techniques to provide assistance that is customized for each family’s specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy & Counseling

Will We Come To Marriage Counseling Together or Separately?

I prefer to meet with couples together for the first few sessions. This gives you both a chance to discuss the concerns you have with your relationship. In many cases the initial sessions will give both of you some hope that counseling is a productive way to work on your communication and relationship.

Will We Always Have Sessions Together?

After the initial meetings I may want to meet with you on an individual basis as well.  This is not always the case, but once we decide on a plan for your marriage therapy, often it will include both individual and joint sessions.

How Long Do The Counseling Sessions Typically Last?

All couples have their own pace and some can work through issues more quickly than others. Other couples need more time to work through more difficult issues. Typical sessions will last from 60 to 90 minutes, but I can tailor this for your individual needs.

How Do I Know If I Need Therapy?

Most people have periods in their life that are filled with sadness, stress, grief or just feeling “off”.  Talking with a licensed therapist for any of these feelings can be a productive way to work through your issues.  Therapy is not just for “crazy” people and you don’t necessarily need 5 days a week of counseling to start felling better about things. I have clients that I see a few times a year and others that come more frequently.  This is entirely based upon the path of treatment and what the individual feels is right for their personal situation.

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I Enjoy Helping Families, Couples & Individuals In Oceanside

Oceanside is fun coastal town at the north end of San Diego county, bordering Camp Pendleton, the largest Marine Corps base in California which covers over 125,000 acres and 17 miles of coastline. One of the primary attractions in Oceanside is the downtown pier area. The Oceanside pier was first built in 1888. The current pier is the 6 iteration of this great landmark.

The Oceanside harbor has a bunch of great shops and places to eat including Rockin’ Baja Lobster and Harbor Fish & Chips. If you’re a fan of craft beers, Oceanside has some of the best brew pubs in all of San Diego. Be sure to try out the Stone Company Store, Bagby’s Brewing, Breakwater Brewing Co. and The Local Tap House (LTH). One of the nicest parts of Oceanside is that it’s close to nearly all of the big San Diego attractions including the San Diego Zoo/Safari Park, LegoLand, and SeaWorld.